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Innovate! Technology Releases “AuxBox” for LM-1

Accessory for popular LM-1 Air/Fuel Meter features 5 internal sensors- Pressure, Temperature, RPM, Acceleration, and Duty Cycle.

SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, CA, August 23, 2004– Innovate Technology, INC. today announced the release of the LMA-3 multi-sensor auxiliary input device, also known as the AuxBox. This device attaches to the auxiliary input of the LM-1 and allows a user to log and analyze 5 critical engine metrics in addition to the air/fuel ratio (AFR) native on the LM-1. In another major advance for tuners, the AuxBox completes the solution of a professional quality 6-channel tuning computer at an enthusiast-level price.

The 5 internal sensors are intended for capturing Manifold Air Pressure (MAP or Boost), Cylinder Head Temperature (CHT) or Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT), RPM conversion (from a tach signal or inductive clamp), Acceleration, and Injector Duty Cycle (or Dwell). The internal MAP sensor is a 3-bar absolute pressure sensor, providing accurate data up to 44.1 PSIA. The temperature measurement circuit features a K-type thermocouple. The internal accelerometer features 2 axis measurements for a variety of mounting options.

The AuxBox makes the popular LM-1 into a complete tuning kit, allowing the user to capture, view, and analyze data on all 6 channels that the LM-1 can log internally. Correlating AFR, RPM, MAP, and CHT, for example, is essential when tuning piggy-back fuel controllers, ECU flashers, aftermarket ECUs, or racing carburetors. The additional accelerometer and dwell circuits add powerful tuning and cause-effect tracking features.

“We see many tuners erring on the rich side- too much advance, too much fuel- simply because they can’t accurately measure what’s happening,” says Klaus Allmendinger, Innovate’s VP of Engineering. “With an AuxBox-equipped LM-1, tuners can capture and understand all the key parameters to get maximum power from any engine.”

Another key application of the AuxBox is road testing. Even a dyno doesn’t provide as much real data as road testing. Factors like air flow, side force, and load vary significantly on a real road. With an AuxBox installed in the engine bay, a user can log 6 channels, in multiple sessions, for up to 44 minutes. Then, back at the garage, simply connect the LM-1 to you PC and view all of you log data. The included LogWorks software features fuel mapping, statistical analysis, graph overlays, and playback of log on virtual gauges.

The AuxBox also includes 5 external inputs for connecting external sensors in lieu of the internal sensors. This allows users to log data from external sensors like TPS or suspension data. “With the AuxBox, we’re continuing the effort of making professional tools available at enthusiast prices,” states Patrick Thompson, Innovate’s President. “6 channels of internal data logging, with 6 sensors included, all for less than the cost of most wideband controllers is a significant accomplishment.”

The LM-1 is the world’s only fully-digital air/fuel ratio meter. In a major advance for engine tuners, the LM-1 enables precise measurement of exhaust air/fuel ratio (AFR) at an affordable price. The meter’s digital signal processing technology provides data on exactly how rich or lean an engine is running at any load. The LM-1’s self-calibrating circuitry also compensates for changes in temperature, altitude, and sensor condition.

The LMA-3 sells for a retail price of $249. Contact Innovate Technologies at (949) 388-4442 or visit for more information. Dealer inquiries welcome.

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