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Innovate Motorsports Releases SSI-4 Sensor Interface

Newest component of the MTS TM (Modular Tuning System) is a cost-effective 4-channel sensor interface.

Irvine, California, August 16, 2006- Innovate Motorsports today announced the release of the SSI-4.    The SSI-4 device is a simple sensor interface that adds 4 inputs to an MTS Log Chain. The SSI-4 may also be used as a stand-alone device for logging data directly into a laptop with the included LogWorks software.   In conjunction with an Innovate LC-1, a user can log 5 channels of critical engine data for less than $350.

Each of the four inputs of the SSI-4 can be user-configured for different functionalities with the included LM Programmer application.

Input 1 is a direct RPM input by default, and can also be configured for external 0-5V, frequency, or spark reference for ignition timing measurement.   Inputs 2-4 are configured to digitize external 0-5V analog signals by default.   Input 2 can directly measure frequency (like driveshaft speed) or duty cycle (for injectors).   Input 3 can measure RPM from a VR (variable reluctance) sensor, and can also be set up for ignition timing crank angle reference (trigger wheels) or frequency.   Input 4 defaults to digitizing external 0-5V analog signals, but can also be configured as a frequency input.

The SSI-4's external connections are fully differential. This means that each input has a separate reference ground (positive and negative input terminals). This is to eliminate ground offsets in the signal. Many times the ground point of a sensor is at a different ground than the SSI-4. Because an electronic device can only measure a voltage referenced to its own ground, differences in grounding can introduce measurement errors. The SSI-4 measures the sensor signal's ground with the - input and them measures the difference between the + and the - input. This way it "recreates" the sensor signal's own ground reference as if this input were referenced directly to that sensor's ground. The common mode rejection range is the maximum voltage this ground reference input can differ from the SSI-4 ground.

The SSI-4 is designed to ONLY connect up via Innovate's MTS serial chain, and CANNOT be connected directly to the aux-in of an LM-1 .

The SSI-4 also can act as a power supply for user supplied external sensors. The 5V output of the SSI-4 can supply up to 300mA of current.

The SSI-4 is a compliant MTS component, so users can chain together additional MTS components, such as Innovate's popular LC-1 wideband oxygen-sensor controller and air/fuel ratio meter.   For example, a common configuration for advanced tuning would include multiple LC-1's for individual cylinder tuning, a DL-32 for data logging, multiple SSI-4's, TC-4's, various sensors, and any other required MTS components.

The SSI-4 ships with LogWorks 2, Innovate's powerful analysis software.   This is the same software used by top engine builders, tuners, and developers, and features Dyno-formatted charts, 3D charting, and a flexible math engine for creating custom tuning formulas.

"The goal with the SSI-4 is to provide the most cost effective possible route to basic tuning," says Klaus Allmendinger, Innovate Motorsports' VP of Engineering.   "This product has some of the most advanced circuitry yet, and will be a key building block for years to come." 

The SSI-4 retails for $129 (MSRP).   The forums at feature insider tips and tricks for the novice and ultimate enthusiast alike.    

Based in Southern California, Innovate Motorsports is committed to relentless product development, high manufacturing quality, and excellent technical support.   Contact Innovate Motorsports at (949) 502-8400 or visit for more information.   Dealer inquiries welcome.

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