3rd-Party Products

Many of our industry's best companies, developers, and communities have made products that integrate with Innovate products to form complete solutions for various applications. This page summarizes such products, including information on LogWorks plug-ins, sources, accesories, and more.

Race Tech Direct

Sensors, kits, and connectors are available from Race Tech Direct.


Bluetooth solutions from Bradatech

Bradatech makes Bluetooth adapters for any Innovate product (LM-1, LC-1, Dl-32, etc.) With a Bluetooth adapter, you can wirelessly view and log realtime data, as download log files. More info here.


Honda (PGMFI) Products (Crome, etc.)

The world of Honda "Programmed Fuel Injection" (PGMFI) is huge and complex. We don't even pretend to understand every ECU, engine, chip, emulator, etc., but we know people who do. And we wrote and support a LogWorks plug-in that logs data directly from many tools popular in the PGMFI community. This is the central knowledge base site: PGMFI.Org, and these vendors can provide additional tools, kits, and solutions: Xenocron, Moates.Net.



The original Do-It-Yourself programmable electronic fuel injection controller. We've written a plug-in for LogWorks that enables synchronous logging from MegaSquirt (I or II) and any of our products (widebands, accelerometers, thermocouples, etc.). The plug-in is included in the current version of LogWork.. The application note is here, and you can find a listing of vendors here, including DIY AutoTune, MegaSquirt of Puerto Rico (en Espanol), and others.



Xede is a leading supplier of "interceptor" style piggyback fuel controllers. We wrote and support a plug-in that is included in the current version of LogWorks. The application note is here. You can also get more information from Vishnu Performance Systems.


Palmer Performance EngineeringSpace

Coming soon:

Haltech, AEM, Link, Cobb, EcuTek, HP Tuners, EFI Live
A listing of all known ECUs and Laptop Tuning Systems with LC-1/LM-1 (MTS ISP2) support



Installation and Setup

Installation of any Innovate product is relatively simple. Complete documentation is supplied, and the support pages, user forum, videos, application notes and tuner resources can also speed you on your way to effective tuning. Innovate also has a great network of local dealers, tuners, race shops, and dyno shops that can assist you in choosing, installing, and getting the most out of your Innovate products. Click here to find a dealer near you.


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