Tuner Resources

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Links to Helpful Sites and Active Forums

Link ECU
Bradatech Pocket Lambda for Pocket PC / Windows Mobile 2003
RX7 Club Tuning Tips
Do It Yourself EFI bulletin board
Haltech Support users forum
North American Subaru Impreza Owners Club LM-1 forum
Vishu Performance Systems LM-1 forum
Miata.net User Community LM-1 forum (thread 1)
Miata.net User Community LM-1 forum (thread 2)
Smart Metal- Source for heat-sink copper- 0.0647" 4" x 4" (or bigger)
Modular Ford engines
Turbo Buicks
Chevy LS1 engines
Nissan SR20

Links to Customer Sites

Jon Austin's Miata LM-1 site
Swankmonkey Racing RX8 Site- Beta Tester for RPM Converter

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