Web Tool for Printing User-definable XD-1 Dial Overlays

This tool allows you to input units of measurement, choose a font, upload a logo, and print a custom gauge face (dial) for the XD-1 digital gauge. The generator will create a high-resolution, reverse-image PDF file for printing directly onto transparency paper. Print this with any laser or ink jet printer, cut out with scissors, and insert over the blank white dial included with your XD-1 kit. The only specialized tool you will need is a 1/8" hole punch for punching out the record button hole. All data fields below are optional.

Left (ex. AFR/LAMDA):
Right (ex. %):
Main (ex. AIR/FUEL):
Logo (640x480 max, .1 Meg max, JPEG, GIF, and PNG only):
Will be scaled to 266x54

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