Autometer Gauge Integration Instructions

  1. Connect either of the LM-1 analog outputs to the purple wire of the Autometer gauge. The Innovate Analog Output Cable is wired as follows: Red is LM-1 output #1, and White is output #2.
  2. Connect the LM-1 Ground (copper shield wire on analog output cable) to gauge black wire (ground).
  3. Connect gauge red wire to ignition 12V (or other switched 12V supply).
  4. Program the appropriate LM-1analog output as follows: 1V=8AFR and 0V=18AFR. The Autometer gauge display will now display the analog output of your LM-1. You can experiment with different settings to shift the display if desired.


Compatible Autometer Gauges:

2675 Z-Series Air/Fuel Ration (Black Dial & Bezel)
3375 Sport-Comp Air/Fuel Ratio (Black Dial, Silver Bezel)
4175 Lunar Air/Fuel (White Dial, Silver Bezel, Black Numbering & Increments, and Green Nite Glow)
4375 Ultra-Lite Air/Fuel Ratio (Silver Dial, Silver Bezel)
4775 Carbon Fiber Air/Fuel Ratio (Carbon Fiber Dial, Silver Bezel)
5775 Phantom Air/Fuel Ratio (White Dial, Black Bezel)
6175 Cobalt Air/Fuel Ratio (Black Dial, Anodized Bezel, White Numbering & Blue Accents)
7175 C2 Air/Fuel Ratio (White Dial-Blue at night, Chrome Bezel, Orange Pointer, Black Numbering)