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The following pages have specific information and links for the main types of EFI-tuning systems:

Tools for tuning Electronic Fuel Injection are expanding greatly. New laptop tuning solutions, chip tuners, etc. are coming out every day. These new tools allow you to modify injector duty cycles, target air/fuel ratios (and also timing, etc.). But regardless of what you’re using to modify your fuel injection, YOU NEED TO KNOW WHAT’S HAPPENING. You need to measure the results of changes. You set the targets in your tuning solution, but you meaure the actual AFRs with the LM-1.


The steps are:
1) Measure and datalog with the LM-1.
2) View your logs on LogWorks.
3) Determine changes to be made with your tuning device.
4) Repeat the process until your vehicle is completely dialed in for your application.


In LogWorks, besides the graphing and overlay features, the Chart feature is especially useful for working with EFI-tuning devices. Simply configure the axis and step size to match your fuel map, and compare the actual AFRs to target AFRs. TUNING TIP: If you double click on any cell in the chart, you can input your target and LogWorks will calculate the multiplier for you.

EFI Central Page Chart EFI Central Page Chart