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Heat-Sink Bung Extender (HBX-1)

Key Features
  • HBX-1 Heat-Sink Bung Extender
Weight 0.3 lbs
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The Bosch LSU4.2 and LSU4.9 wide-band O2 sensors (shipped standard with Innovate Motorsport products) are rated to operate at an exhaust gas temperature of < 1,700 ºF (930 ºC), and a sensor housing temperature of < 1,058 ºF (570 ºC) measured at the hex, for maximum accuracy and control. When either of these operating temperature ranges is exceeded, the sensor can no longer be accurately controlled. Further, operating at or above these temperatures for any length of time can significantly reduce the life expectancy of the sensor. Innovate Motorsports products are designed to display an error message under these conditions (08- Sensor Timing Error) rather than provide inaccurate readings. For some turbo vehicles, rotary engines, and other specialty setups, this error message can be encountered with annoying frequency due to operating conditions specific to those engine types and configurations. This precision machined part is engineered to address applications generating excessive heat in the O2 sensor by utilizing a specialty heat sink design which pulls the sensor futher out of the exhaust stream while maintaining correct flow of exhaust gasses to the sensor for accurate readings.

California Residents: Prop 65
WARNING prop65 Cancer, Birth Defects and Reproductive Harm

Installation and setup
Installation of the Heat-Sink Bung Extender (HBX-1) is relatively simple. Complete documentation is supplied, and the support pages, application notes and tuner resources can also speed you on your way to effective tuning. Innovate also has a great network of local dealers, tuners, race shops, and dyno shops that can assist you in choosing, installing and getting the most out of your Innovate products. Click here to find a dealer near you.