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Bisimoto Engineering first partnered up with Innovate Motorsports in 2003. Since both company's philosophies are to bring professional grade products at reasonable prices the partnership was a perfect fit. Bisimoto Engineering started using the LM-1 with RPM converter and today they have progressed into using the LC-1 and DL-32.

Click here to see the record making 9.8 second pass.

IDRC, Phoenix, AZ: October 7: 

October 7th, marked our 1st IDRC pro event this season, and was held at the Firebird Raceway in Phoenix, Az.Despite the 93+ degree Fahrenheit weather, and 1001 feet elevation, we secured our 7th #1 qualifying spot this season...with a new best time of 9.754 at 139.83 mph.  That performance yielded us the following records:
* World's quickest full unibody FWD (reset)
* World's quickest SOHC FWD (reset)
* World's quickest all motor e.t. on gasoline (reset)
* Firebird Raceway a/m e.t. record (IDRC)
* Firebird Raceway a/m mph record (IDRC)
* IDRC a/m e.t. and mph records

It was exciting to break IDRC records on our 1st outing to their series.  The turnout for our class was not ideal, however, we secured the win, and another 1st place trophy: making this our 6th event win in a row!!

IDRA, Joliet, IL: September 16 & 17: 

The weekend of September 16th and 17th's Battle of the Imports, in Joliet, Illinois, marked the most exciting performance ever for our program.  We secured the #1 qualifying spot with a new record et of 9.76 @ 137.98mph, despite the 87.3 degree Fahrenheit temperature, and a 4.5mph side wind.  We then backed it up with a 9.82 et @ 145.28 mph!  This pass was made with a similar 86.6 degree ambient temperature, and a 2.0mph headwind.   The performance at that event netted us the following records: 
* Highest 1/4-mile mph registered for any all motor sport compact
* World's fastest SOHC FWD (reset)
* World's fastest full unibody FWD (reset)
* World's fastest all motor e.t. on gasoline
* Route 66 Raceway p/s e.t. record (IDRA)
* Route 66 Raceway p/s mph record (IDRA)
* IDRA p/s. e.t. and mph record

 It was exciting to be the 1st to break the 145mph barrier in naturally aspirated trim.  It would not have been possible without the invaluable support of our sponsors and fans. We won the Joliet event with very windy conditions (fighting a 13.5mph side wind) via an elapsed time of 9.800 at 137.93mph, making this our 5th win in a row, this season!

IDRA, Atco, NJ: August 20:

Sunday, August 20th, marked a spectacular IDRA Battle of the Imports event, at the Atco International Raceway, Atco, NJ.  The ambient conditions at the raceway that weekend hovered in the 95 degree Fahrenheit range, with track temperatures in excess of 135 degrees.  Despite these conditions, we were able to muster an initial qualifying pass of 10.838 @ 98.08 mph: had to shut the car down in 3rd gear when a warning came on depicting loss of fuel.  Upon inspection, it was noticed that we had a clogged fuel filter.

We made the necessary replacements, and upon the 2nd qualifying pass, netted out best #1 qualifying time to date: 9.805 @ 138.07mph.  This amazing elapsed time yielded the following records:
* World's fastest SOHC FWD (reset)
* World's fastest full unibody FWD (reset)
* World's fastest all motor e.t. on gasoline
*Atco Raceway p/s e.t. record (IDRA)
*Atco Raceway p/s mph record (IDRA)
*IDRA p/s. e.t. record

The crowds went wild upon our feat, and we finished the event with our 4th win in a row with a traction limited 10.113 @ 137.00 mph. 

IDRA, Fontana, Ca: July 29:

The 1st sport compact event at the newly commissioned California Speedway Dragstrip, in Fontana, Ca was held on July 29th by the International Drag Race Association (AKA, Battle of the Imports).  This well attended event involved over 400 race cars, and was the largest California-based sport compact drag race event in the past few years.

Despite the "green" nature of the track, warm, but overcast ambient conditions, humidity and the density altitude of 1985 feet, we once again, secured the #1 qualifying spot with a time of 10.247 at 134.26 mph, with a poor 1.703 sixty foot time.

During eliminations, we improved our mph to the tune of 136.48 utilizing an experimental slick tyre from Toyo.  We continued on throughout the rounds, and finally won the event with a track record breaking 10.148 at 134.47mph, despite another 1.636 sixty foot time.

Nonetheless, we secured the following IDRA records this past weekend:

* California Speedway pro street elapsed time record
* California Speedway p/s mph record

IDRA MIR, Budds Creek, Md: July 16

July 16th marked the Battle of the Imports event in Budds Creek Maryland at the Maryland International Raceway.  Our "out of state" travels have been blessed with amazing attendance figures by enthusiasts!

The weather conditions were unbearable: Ambient temperatures of 111 degrees Fahrenheit, extremely high humidity (100% via datalogger), and track surface temperatures of 132 degrees.  Despite these awful conditions, especially for a gasoline powered naturally aspirated car, we secured the number 1 qualifying position with a 10.010 at 137.88mph.  This was also with poor 60 foot times.

We were successful in proceeding thorough all rounds, and won the event with a 10.24 at 136.97mph with the worst track conditions of the day and a 1.67 sixty foot time.  Our next goal is to focus on improving our off-line traction times to aid in more record breaking runs.  Despite the heat, we attained the following record: 
*IDRA MIR P/S mph record: 137.88 mph

IDRA "Battle in Seattle": July 8 

The aforementioned date marked our 2006 Pacific Northwest visit at the Battle of the Imports event: Pacific Raceway.  The event was very well attended and hailed as the biggest sport compact event ever in the state of Washington.

The approximately 14,000 spectators witnessed our #1 qualifying spot of a traction limited 10.12 @ 137.40mph.  This was exciting since the conditions were not favorable with ambient temperatures in the 92 degree Fahrenheit range with track temps exceeding 114.  Our new lack of traction was as a result if improved power realized with new engine modifications.

During the eliminations, we improved our times to the tune of 10.01 at 138.27mph, also with a poor 1.655 60ft.  We experienced success throughout the elimination rounds.  Our consistency later paid off with a winning time of 10.11 at 137.88 mph: placing us at the winner's circle.

IDRA Seaon Opener, Orlando, Fl: April 9:

This past weekend marked the season opener for the IDRA, Battle of the Imports event in Orlando, Florida.  This April 9th event was very successful, especially from an attendance standpoint, since thousands of enthusiasts participated in what may be the largest east coast race event in the past 4 years! During transportation, our vehicle sustained significant rear/side damage in the transport rig.  Despite this challenge, and with the aide of duct tape, we were able to qualify in the number one spot with a record breaking 9.97 @ 135.8mph!  This secured us the following records: 
*World's Fastest SOHC FWD*World's Fastest Full Unibody FWD
*Orlando Speedway P/S e.t. record*Orlando Speedway P/S mph record
*First confirmed 9 second all motor pass on gasoline

This was an amazing feat since we had secured this #1 spot with the NHRA champion, Mazda sponsored Jesus Padilla in attendance: he qualified as #2, with a 10.02 @ 132 mph elapsed time. Our difficulties that weekend did not end with the body damage, but a water pump pulley decided to un-press itself during out semifinal run, and forced us to settle for 3rd place.  We sustained some engine damage, due to the timing belt losing track because of the $60 water pump, but we plan on repairing the damage for the next race. 

The crowd was excited to witness this historic event and our record breaking passes. 



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