Innovate Motorsports' New Cast-Aluminum Exhaust Clamp is Shipping

Revolutionary Design enables accurate end-of-tailpipe air/fuel measurement

San Juan Capistrano, CA (April 7, 2004) - The new exhaust clamp is shipping. This useful accessory can mount the O2 sensor to the end of the car’s tail pipe.

With non-cat cars, you can get accurate readings from the car’s tail pipe, however, you must use an exhaust clamp to do so. Do NOT simply insert the O2 sensor into the tail pipe. Doing so may damage the sensor and it will certainly not yield accurate measurements. (The oxygen sensor needs to have its cable exposed to outside air to yield accurate results.) On cars with cats, it is recommended to use the bung, installed before the cat, to give you the most accurate reading.

Measuring after the cat will result in leaner-than-reality readings, depending on the efficiency of the cat. Nevertheless, some operators of chassis dynos use this method and roughly “correct” the reading (for example, subtract 0.5 AFR). The Innovate exhaust clamp features a patent-pending design that maximizes response time, improves accuracy under low-flow conditions, and minimizes the effects of reversion or free-air contamination.



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