Innovate Motorsports Introduces LM 101- Easy to Get Instructional Videos on the Web

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA, June 14, 2005- Innovate Motorsports has recently made available three new instructional videos that show first hand how to interpret data, install, and personalize the LM-1. Ben Strader, Founder and Senior Instructor of EFI University, narrates the three training videos:
- "Tuning Basics, Theory, and Applications"
- "Installation and Setup"
- "LogWorks Tips and Tricks"
These tutorials are easily accessible over the web at

Viewers can watch a step-by-step installation process, charts and graphs that explain the process of evaluating air/fuel ratios, and how to prevent problems before they occur.

The instructional videos were produced for channel training as well as end-users. Allowing consumers at home to be able to access the tutorial "how to" videos via the web has helped expand Innovate Motorsports capability of explaining installation tips, problem solving for different cars. In the end, making the LM-1 user's experience problem free and highly beneficial.

The first video, "Tuning Basics, Theory, and Applications", introduces the LM-1 user to the basics or air/fuel ratio and different uses of the LM-1.
The short training video features:
- Air/fuel ratio basics
- Benefits of the LM-1's wideband sensor in comparison to other common gauges which are narrowband
- Defines stoichiometric and lambda for the do it at home garage mechanic
- EFI Maps
- Dangers of turbochargers and how the LM-1 prevents these
- Using the LM-1 to verify you aren't wasting power and fuel by running too rich
- How to find misfires in the ignition with the LM-1

The second tutorial, "Installation and Setup", is a hands on course that explains step-by-step, the process of setting up an LM-1.
This lesson includes:
- Installing software where the video shows how to setup the software on a computer
- Explanation of the two calibrations, sensor heater and free air
- Best sensor placement, shown on the actual engine of a car
- Options for sensor placement including the Innovate Exhaust Clamp
- How to read the LM-1 for Lambda and Air Fuel Ratio (AFR)
- How to set up RPM and TPS input
- How to log AFR, RPM, and throttle position sensor
- Calibration
- Sensor placement, where the best place is to place your sensors
- Input setup, with segments in the film that show step-by-step how to coordinate the setup of the LM-1
- Data Logging

The "LogWorks Tips and Tricks" video makes tuning with the LM-1 on any engine easy and fast.
The video features:
- How to translate log works graphs and charts from the computer into a car enthusiasts understanding
- The comparison of graphs from different sessions of trials, helping to find the problem with the variable while not changing the control
- Diagnosing problems, such as false leans and low fuel pressure

Based in Southern California, Innovate Motorsports is committed to relentless product development, high manufacturing quality, and excellent technical support.

Contact Innovate Motorsports at (949) 502-8400 or visit for more information. Dealer inquiries welcome.

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