Innovate Motorsports Sets New Standard with LogWorks 2.0

Irvine, California, August 9, 2005- Innovate Motorsports has released the breakthrough tuning software LogWorks 2.0. Building on the success of LogWorks Version 1, the newest version is equipped with 32 channels, torque and horsepower calculators, 3D Charts, and more.

Working with the award-winning LM-1 Digital Air/Fuel Ratio Meter, the LC-1, and all of Innovate’s Modular Tuning Components, LogWorks 2.0 sets a new standard for engine performance analysis, allowing users to view, analyze, compare, and save session data. In addition to expanded 2D charts and graphs, LogWorks 2.0 features 3D charts that can be rotated, panned and zoomed.

A key feature of LogWorks 2.0 is a full math engine for generating calculated traces. For example, LogWorks can calculate and graph horsepower, allowing direct mapping and comparison of HP vs. RPM vs. AFR. This enables users to gather performance data with a number of different fuel maps (or jetting changes, etc.), and then use LogWorks to directly determine peak efficiency at any RPM or load. In other works, LogWorks 2.0 can tell you not only what your AFRs are, but also what they should be.

Innovate has also recently begun shipping the LC-1 standalone wideband controller. With multiple LC-1’s, users can tune individual cylinders. For example, an engine that shows 13.1 AFR at the collector might have cylinders anywhere from 11.1 to 15.1. A rich cylinder (11.5 AFR) is wasting fuel, loosing horsepower, and fouling plugs, while a lean cylinder (15.5 AFR) is loosing horsepower, and dangerously close to damaging valves, pistons, and cylinders. In this example, after balancing the cylinders, an engine will gain torque, efficiency, and will almost certainly last longer, and all the while the average stays at 13.1 AFR.

The LogWorks 2.0 math engine also features user-definable math calculations, allowing users to create their own analysis of any variable or set of inter-related variables. Another benefit of the math engine is that it enables users to easily program automatic unit conversion.

Other key features include:

  • User-programmable gauges enable the creation of custom virtual dash boards.
  • Overlay any session on any second session for direct comparison and calculations.
  • Up to four 3D charts can be open simultaneously for additional comparison capabilities.
  • Variable column and row size settings (up to 128 each) to precisely match the configuration of any 3 rd-party fuel mapping or laptop tuning tools.

“The goal with the development of this new software was to bring truly professional-level analysis tools to the enthusiasts,” stated Klaus Allmendinger, Innovate’s VP of Engineering. “We’ve done that with LogWorks 2.0.”

The forums at feature insider tips and tricks on the new LogWorks 2.0 for the novice and ultimate enthusiasts.

Based in Southern California, Innovate Motorsports is committed to relentless product development, high manufacturing quality, and excellent technical support.

Contact Innovate Motorsports at (949) 502-8400 or visit for more information. Dealer inquiries welcome.

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