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Innovate Motorsports Releases New Air/Fuel Gauges

Irvine, California, February 7, 2007- Innovate Motorsports announces the release of their new air/fuel gauge kits. The kits include a 2-1/16" (52mm) gauge (red or blue LED), LC-1 wideband controller, oxygen sensor, bung/plug, and LogWorks award-winning data logging and engine-analytics software.

Developed in partnership with Nordskog Instruments, the "DB" gauge offers an affordable and appealing option for tuners seeking to monitor Air/Fuel Ratio, while providing an entrance to full-blown data acquisition.   For example, users can add a single SSI-4 interface, and log 5 critical parameters directly into any PC or laptop.   For in car recording, they can add a DL-32 and log hundreds of hours (32 channels) on a standard SD card.   The DB gauges ship with LogWorks software, used by champion engine builders and racers for synchronous high-speed logging of wideband data, other MTS sensors, ECU data, and even data from "piggyback" fuel controllers.

Some other benefits of the DB gauges include:

•  The industry's most precise and rapid responding wideband controller

•  One additional available analog output

•  Easy set up and wiring instructions

•  LC-1 includes Innovate serial in & out for adding additional modular tuning system components

•  Blackout appearance when unpowered

•  Log directly from the LC-1's digital output into laptop with included software

The DB gauges sell for $289, including wideband controller, oxygen sensor, and everything else a tuner needs to get started monitoring air/fuel ratio.

Based in Southern California, Innovate Motorsports is committed to relentless product development, high manufacturing quality, and excellent technical support.

Contact Innovate Motorsports at 949.502.8400 or visit for more information. Dealer inquiries welcome.


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