Innovate Motorsports Releases TC-4 Thermocouple Amplifier

Newest component of the MTS TM (Modular Tuning System) is a cost-effective 4-channel thermocouple amplifier.

Irvine, California, August 16, 2006- Innovate Motorsports today announced the release of the TC-4 thermocouple amplifier. The TC-4 device is 4 channel thermocouple interface device for a MTS Log Chain. The TC-4 may also be used as a stand-alone 4-channel thermocouple amplifier for logging directly into LogWorks.

Each of the four inputs of the TC-4 can be configured by the user for either EGT range (32-1999 deg F, 0-1093 deg C) or for CHT range to measure cylinder head temperatures (32-572 deg F, 0-300 deg C).

The TC-4 ships with LogWorks, Innovate's powerful analysis software. This is the same software used by top engine builders, tuners, and developers, and features dyno-formatted charts, 3D charting, and a flexible math engine for creating custom tuning formulas.

"Despite the fact that wideband tuning has replaced EGT tuning in many circles, there are still instances when measuring EGT is informative" says Klaus Allmendinger, Innovate Motorsports' VP of Engineering. "Also, there are many other key temperature metrics in the engine - things like cylinder head temp, turbo inlet and outlet temp, catalytic converter temp, and more."

"With the popularity of the DL-32, we're having more and more users demand cost-effective expansion options," states Patrick Thompson, Innovate's President, "With the TC-4, users can add multiple temperature channels easily, and with LogWorks they can collaborate with other tuners, even if they are in other towns."

The TC-4 retails for $129 (MSRP).   The forums at feature insider tips and tricks for the novice and ultimate enthusiast alike.    

Based in Southern California, Innovate Motorsports is committed to relentless product development, high manufacturing quality, and excellent technical support. Contact Innovate Motorsports at (949) 502-8400 or visit for more information.   Dealer inquiries welcome.

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