Innovate Motorsports Introduces 3 New Instructional Videos on the Web:
AuxBox 101, XD 101, and LC 101

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA, July 19, 2005, - Innovate Motorsports has recently made available three new instructional videos that break down the basics for using the AuxBox, XD-1, and LC-1. These lessons show first hand how to install, become familiar with, and personalize. Klaus Allmendinger himself, VP of engineering at Innovate Motorsports, hosts the three training videos:
- "AuxBox 101"
- "XD 101"
- "LC 101"
These tutorials are easily accessible over the web at

Viewers can watch a step-by-step installation process, charts and graphs that explain the process of starting up and preventing problems before they occur for the three different products.

In conjunction with the instruction manual and the Innovate Motorsports forum on web, these instructional videos help to bring an overall, visual familiarity of the basics of the products to the user.

The instructional videos are produced for channel training as well as end-users, bringing professional tools to everyone. Allowing consumers at home to be able to access the tutorial "how to" videos via the web has helped expand Innovate Motorsports capability of explaining basic installation tips and product use knowledge, making the AuxBox, XD-1, and LC-1 user's experience problem free and productive.

The first video, "AuxBox 101", introduces the basic usage of the multi-sensor AuxBox, also known as the LMA-3.

The training video features:
- Setting up and mounting
- Connecting the AuxBox to the LM-1
- How to know the difference between gauge pressure and absolute pressure
- Programming input channels
- Differences of engines when programming the RPM measurement
- Custom setup functions for LogWorks

The second tutorial, "XD 101", shows first hand how to utilize the digital display gauge. This lesson includes:
- How to mount the XD- 1
- What's in the kit, cables and tools to mount
- Powering up and first time use
- How to record, stop, read the minimum, maximum, and reset values on the gauge
- Calibrations explained
- Installing LogWorks
- Connecting the XD-1 to a computer
- Choosing and adjusting from 32,000 glowing colors for the gauge
- Installing the LM Programmer software

The "LC 101" video introduces the wideband controller Lambda Cable to the novice enthusiasts of tuning. The video features:
- Connecting the wideband oxygen sensor
- Mounting location and orientation instructions
- Explanation of the wires (power, heater, system ground, and calibration wire)
and how to connect them
- How to perform sensor heater calibration and free air calibration
- Installing software for LogWorks
- Connecting the LC-1 to a computer

Based in Southern California, Innovate Motorsports is committed to relentless product development, high manufacturing quality, and excellent technical support.

Contact Innovate Motorsports at (949) 502-8400 or visit for more information. Dealer inquiries welcome.

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