Modular Tuning System: MTS


All Innovate products are completely modular, enabling you to build the perfect tuning system for your needs. The MTS is scalable, and all components share a common digital communications protocol. Here are a few examples of log chains that you might setup to tune in various situations:

This 28-channel example includes an LC-1 on every cylinder, a DL-32 for recording, two TC-4's for exhaust gas temperature (or CHT), an AuxBox (LMA-3) for intake and turbo temp, speedo & TPS, and lastly an XD-16 to monitor a channel in real-time, display warning conditions, and trigger log sessions. Additional examples:


Example #2: Log-Chain of 5 channels consisting of DL-32 alone

Notice the DL-32’s input port does not need a terminator plug like some other MTS devices. It can auto-detect if something is plugged into its input port


Example #3: 7-channel Log-Chain example with 2 AFR channels

Notice that the LC-1’s are connected BEFORE the first DL-32. LC-1’s should always be connected before the first DL-32


Example #4: 17-channel Log-Chain example

The example chain consists of a LM-1/LMA-2, a LC-1, a LMA-3, a DL-32’s and 2 XD-16’s. In this case the chain has 17 channels (6 from LM-1, 1 from LC-1 and 5 each from the LMA-3 and DL-32).

Devices attached to the LM-1’s 'Aux In' port count as being part of the LM-1’s 6 channels. They don’t count extra. XD-16’s do not contribute any channels, so you can add as many as needed.




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