ST-12: Engine Data Acquisition System

Individual Cylinder Air/Fuel Ratio Tuning on Engines up to 12 Cylinders

The Innovate Motorsports’ SuperTune-12 is a complete data acquisition system for advanced engine tuning. The system is anchored by Innovate’s award-winning digital wideband Air/Fuel Ratio technology, but also includes flexible sensors for RPM, MAP, Temperature, Duty Cycle, and analog inputs. The ST-12 can power, manage, and consolidate data from up to 12 specialized LC-1 wideband oxygen-sensor controller cables. The specialized cables are functionally identical to the standard LC-1 cables, except they are 18 ft. long, terminated with a single secure connector, and sleeved in a rugged insulator.

The ST-12 is designed for engine builders, tuners, and racers. At its simplest, the ST-12 can add wideband Air/Fuel measurement to existing dynos, allowing users to either feed the ST-12’s outputs into their dyno, or to feed the dyno’s outputs into the ST-12.

For RPM, the ST-12 includes options for direct tach input, inductive clamp, GMR sensor, or optical sensors. For Manifold Absolute Pressure, the ST-12 features a configurable 1-bar, or 3-bar pressure sensor for both normally-aspirated and forced-induction applications. Multiple temperature and duty-cycle channels round out the auxiliary-input capabilities of the ST-12.

Every ST-12 system works with the powerful LogWorks software for viewing, analyzing, comparing, and saving session data. With LogWorks, users can view and print everything from standard Dyno chart to 3D color graphs with transparent overlays. LogWorks features 32 channels of data, sampled at 12 samples/second.

A key feature of LogWorks 2.0 is a full math engine for generating calculated traces. For example, LogWorks can calculate and graph horsepower, allowing direct mapping and comparison of HP vs. RPM vs. AFR. This enables users to gather performance data with a number of different fuel maps (or jetting changes, etc.), then use LogWorks to directly determine peak volumetric efficiency at any RPM or load. In other works, LogWorks 2.0 can tell you not only what your AFRs are, but also what they should be.

A standard setup might include 8 channels of Air/Fuel Ratio, plus RPM, MAP, CHT, Dwell, and TPS. With this setup, a user can log AFR from every cylinder of an 8-cylinder engine. Tests have shown as much as 4 AFR points of variation from cylinder to cylinder.

For example, an engine that shows 13.1 AFR at the collector might have cylinders anywhere from 11.1 to 15.1. A rich cylinder (11.5 AFR) is wasting fuel, losing horsepower, and fouling plugs, while a lean cylinder (15.5 AFR) is loosing horsepower, detonating, and dangerously close to damaging valve, pistons, and cylinders. In this example, after balancing the cylinders, the engine gained more torque, more efficiency, and will almost certainly last longer, and all the while the average stays at 13.1 AFR.


Operating Voltage: 110 – 240 VAC
Input Current, Operating: 1A Typical (plus 0.2A per LC-1)
Input Current, Max: 6A during sensor-heater warm-up (12 LC-1s)
Power Consumption (typical). 20W per LC-1
Power Consumption (warm-up) 50W per LC-1

1U 19” Rack-mountable enclosure 12” deep

Compatible Types: Bosch LSU4.2

Lambda: .6 to Free Air
AFR: 8.8 to Free Air (Gasoline - Other Fuels Programmable)

For Lambda <1 (9-15 AFR): +/- .1 AFR

Free air to Lambda .8: < 100ms

12 Air/Fuel (LC-1 ST)
4 Freq./Duty Cycle (1 amplified for inductive clamp)
1 MAP pressure port
1 type-K Thermocouple input 5 analog inputs (0-5V)

30 Analog: 0-5V, 12-bit resolution, >50K Ohm impedance, 2 per LC-1 channel plus 6 for RPM, MAP, etc.
Innovate Serial Bus 2.0: RS232, 19.2Kb, up to 32-channel

The ST-12 ($1995.99) comes with all the cables necessary to connect to your computer or relay as an analog output. Each wideband channel is sold seperatly as an LC1-ST ($299.99).

Installation and Setup

Installation and setup of the ST-12 is relatively simple. Complete documentation is supplied, and the support pages, videos, application notes and tuner resources can also speed you on your way to effective tuning. Innovate also has a great network of local dealers, tuners, race shops, and dyno shops that can assist you in choosing, installing, and getting the most out of your Innovate products. Click here to find a dealer near you.


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