Tuner Resources

Tuning for maximum performance used to be the exclusive domain of experts with dynos. While there is no substitute for knowledge and experience, a new wave of digital tuning tools are making it possible to precisely tune any engine without long and expensive dyno sessions. The key is to measure and record the critical metrics- air/fuel ratio, cylinder head temperature, injector duty cycle, etc., make one change at time, and then repeat the process.

Whether you’re tuning a large-displacement muscle car, a forced-induction sport car, or a drag-racing snowmobile, the concepts are the same. Here are the resources available on this site:





Short video introductions to various products and concepts.

EFI Central

The starting place for everything related to Electronic Fuel Injection.

Carb Central

An overview of carb tuning and links to additional resources.

Tuning Glossary

An A-Z glossary of both everyday and technical tuning terms.

Application Notes

Setup info for various sensors, and notes from Klaus.

Case Studies

Informative real-world applications.


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