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A new wave of laptop tuning tools have been coming to market that allow users to directly modify the fuel and timing maps of stock ECUs. These usually use the OBD-II port (On Board Diagnostics). Some of them, such as the EcuTEK system for Subaru WRXs, can directly read the LM-1ís digital data stream and display AFR or lambda in the EcuTEK software. For all of them, youíll want to be carefully measuring air/fuel ratios (and other variables) while youíre tuning.

Here is an excerpt from Modified Magazine, describing the use of the LM-1 with EcuTEK software

The basic scenario is always the same: Use your LM-1 to log AFR, RPM, MAP, etc. before and after each change.

Here are some links to the more popular laptop tuning solutions:

Revo Technik

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