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UPDATE: April, 2006: Dave broke his own record with a 219.036 MPH mile (in the 1650 CC NON-Pushrod class) .

Suzuki rider Dave Owen broke an East Coast Timing Association speed record by propelling his 99 copper Hayabusa to an unprecedented “all motor” speed of 215.642 at Maxton, NC’s famed 1-mile runway.

“It was a great achievement,” Owen said. “There are nitrous records and there are turbo records but I’m all about the motor records. There have only been a few nitrous passes above 215. I’m proud to say that our motor record would have taken out most of the nitrous records.”

To accomplish this feat required extensive tuning and setup. Tuning the bike on a chassis dyno was the first step. Tuning the bike at the event (racetrack) is always the most important, correcting for the weather and conditions.

"The Innovate motorsports LM-1 allowed me to perform tuning within minutes of my passes, optimizing the performance of the motorcycle, and setting three new records", Owens said. "The LM1 has helped me tune even better than with a chassis dyno, and is simple to setup and operate. The tech support has been outstanding…..second to none. Thanks to Innovate for providing me with a product that has proven accurate and reliable, at OVER 200 MPH!"


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