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"Technology for Tuners" Newsletter #11

This is Innovate Motorsports' "Technology for Tuners" Newsletter, Issue #11. These updates are intended to keep you informed of tuning tips, firmware updates, application notes, new product releases, company news, and other useful information. In this issue:

1) Innovate Used By More Major Race Teams
Innovate Chosen as “Official Tuning Tools” of EFI University
New Product: 32-Channel Data logger (DL-32)
4) The XD-1 Becomes the XD-16
5) Patent Issued
6) Sponsorships for 2006
7) Megasquirt Integration Note
8) Tech Note: High HP Exhaust Flow Issues

Innovate Used By More Major Race Teams

Innovate Motorsports products are being used by more and more NHRA, IHRA, IDRC, NASA, SCCA, and NASCAR race teams and engine builders.

“The best thing about the Innovate wideband system is that the data is absolutely repeatable,” said Kurt Johnson, 2005 Pro Stock Runner Up. “Fast response times, very accurate, and cost effective enough to make individual-cylinder tuning accessible.”

With 3 2006 SEMA awards for their XD-16 Gauge and DL-32 Data Logger, as well as runner up in the “Best Engineered” category for their ST-12 System in this year’s SEMA show, it is no wonder why the Who’s Who in Motorsports are choosing Innovate as their product of choice.

Innovate Chosen as “Official Tuning Tools” for EFI University

Innovate Motorsports was recently chosen as EFI University’s Official Tuning Tools. EFI University is the first and best school of its kind, designed specifically to teach the principles and skills required to successfully navigate the fast paced world of high performance electronic fuel injection. As a part of this partnership, Innovate customers are being offered a special discount for the EFI-101 seminar. Use Coupon Code 220163280 to get $25 OFF this incredibly useful 2-day seminar. (We also have special offers for other courses- email us for more info.)

The partnership calls for both Innovate Motorsports and EFI University to work closely together to provide the right tuning tools with the proper instruction. Students of EFI University can be confident in knowing that the information obtained through an Innovate Motorsports tuning tool is accurate and precise. Innovate tools enable cost-effective real-world tuning, but without the right know how, a tuner isn’t really equipped to work.

New Product: DL-32 Data Logger

The DL-32 Data Logger is scheduled to begin production shipments the last week of March. The DL-32 is a complete system for advanced engine tuning. The system is anchored by Innovate Motorsports’ digital wideband Air/Fuel Ratio technology, but also includes flexible sensors for RPM, MAP, Temperature, Duty Cycle, and analog inputs. The basic DL-32 unit features the following:

  • 32-channels of data recording capability, 12 samples per second
  • 17 minutes of recording per MB of SD Card capacity
  • 1-bar to 3-bar pressure sensor (MAP, Vacuum, Boost, etc.)
  • Thermocouple amplifier (EGT, CHT, etc.)
  • Duty cycle and Frequency sensing
  • 2-axis accelerometer (Acceleration Gs, Braking Gs, and Cornering Gs)
  • RPM measurement
  • 5V power supply for external sensors

The DL-32 is a compliant MTS (Modular Tuning System) component, so users can chain together additional MTS components, such as Innovate’s popular LC-1 wideband oxygen-sensor controller and air/fuel ratio meter. For example, a common configuration for advanced tuning would include multiple LC-1’s for individual cylinder tuning, a DL-32, and any other required MTS components. More info

The XD-1 Becomes the XD-16

The Innovate XD-16 dash-mountable Digital Display ships as an AFR guage, but can also be configured to display any channel of the Modular Tuning System. Key features:

  • 2 Bezels + 8 faces = 16 combinations
  • The basic kit ships with both black and silver bezels, 8 faces (AFR, Pressure, Temperature, and blank)
  • 3/4” thick, so it's possible to mount even in surface mount configurations
  • Fits 52 mm (2-1/16") gauge pods
  • 3-character LED display
  • Record/Calibrate/Peak Hold button
  • Programmable (values and colors) digital needle
  • Billet Aluminum bezel

Click here for more information.

Patent Issued

US Patent #6,978,655, titled “System, Apparatus, and Method for Measuring an Oxygen Concentration of a Gas” was issued on December 27, 2005. This patent covers the central measurement principle utilized in the LM-1, LC-1, and future Innovate wideband products.

Sponsorships for 2006

Innovate brings aboard over five new sponsors raising their total sponsorships to 15 racers for 2006. Some sponsored racers include: Vincent Woska, Brian Booze, Jeff Barco, Marouj Moradian, Ken Scheepers, Marty Ladwig and John Urist.

Megasquirt Integration Note

High-impedance inputs, like those found in the current version Megasquirt fuel computer, can create problems with the LC-1 because the input caps act as dynamic shorts. The easiest fix is to add a 470 Ohm resistor in series with the analog output of the LC-1.

Tuning Tip: High HP Exhaust Flow Issues

In general, the best place for an oxygen sensor is wherever is “coolest,” and above the 3 or 9 o’clock position. However, there are numerous interrelated variables that can affect placement considerations. OEMs spend thousands of hours determining optimal location in product vehicles. Often, it takes some “tweaking” to achieve the best balance of maximum sensor life, minimum exhaust restriction, and maximum accuracy. Here are some of the variables:

  • Horsepower (as it translates to exhaust flow velocity). This is an issue because high HP engines (anything over 700-800 HP) can actually cool the sensor’s internal heater such that the heater regulation circuit has challenges maintaining a fixed heater temperature. This can be solved in various ways. One method is to use an Innovate HBX-1, but to index it AWAY from directly into the exhaust flow. Another method is to use 2 standard bungs (welded together). This locates the sensor tip slightly inside the exhaust pipe wall. Finally, in some cases, providing the system with higher voltage (say 14V-15V) can actually help the sensor to maintain heater temperature under very high flow conditions.
  • Header vs. Collector. When tuning/balancing individual cylinders, sensors are located directly in the headers. The flow issue is often encountered in this case. The double-height bung fix has the added benefit of eliminating exhaust restriction. Exhaust restriction can result in a slight, but measurable, loss in engine efficiency (HP).
  • EGT. If EGT exceeds 1700 F (930 C), you need to change location.
  • Bung Temp. If temperature measured at the sensor bung exceeds 1060 F (570 C), you need to change location or use an HBX-1.

Until next time... Keep On Tuning!
-Innovate Motorsports

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