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"Technology for Tuners" Newsletter #12

This is Innovate Motorsports' "Technology for Tuners" Newsletter, Issue #12. These updates are intended to keep you informed of tuning tips, firmware updates, application notes, new product releases, company news, and other useful information. In this issue:

1) DL-32 is Shipping!
2) EFI University Announces New Program
3) ECU Wiring Diagrams

4) Tuning Article: Camaro/Holley
5) Tuning Article: Honda/AEM
6) Register your Innovate Product

7) LM Config update for XD-16
8) Kurt Johnson wins at NHRA Las Vegas
9) Coming soon: TC-4
10) Tuning Tips: Carb Tuning Secrets



The DL-32 is Shipping

Innovate's 32-channel datalogger is now shipping. Connect multiple LC-1's for individual cylinder tuning, use the DL-32's internal sensors, or tap into stock sensor signals going to your ECU. I won't repeat the press release, but the DL-32 is packed with features. Check it out, or buy one now.


EFI University Launches "ACP" Accelerated Certification Program

Buying an LM-1 starts you down the path to tuning enlightenment, but if you want to be a certified professional, you'll need some additional know how. One great way to get additional knowledge, revisit the basics, or get a complete crash course on fuel injection is EFI University, now offering a 5-day, $5K, complete course that includes EFI 101, EFI Advanced course, a minimum of 20 hours of actual Dyno time with EFI, and a Written Exam. In addition, you get exposure to sophisticated equipment such as the Plasma Ignition/Ion sensing knock detection and In-Cylinder Pressure Analysis Equipment. More information here.

If you pay in full for one of the last two spots in the June ACP prior to May 25th, you can receive a discount of $245. Just mention Innovate when you call them. (And you can still use Coupon Code 220163280 to get $25 OFF EFI-101.)


ECU Wiring Diagrams

If you want to tap and data log some of the factory sensors on your stock ECU, you need to know the ECU pinouts. There is a new page on that compiles almost 100 of the most popular ECUs. Check it out.


Tuning Article: Carbureted 11-sec. Camaro Case Study

Have you ever noticed how the best racers always seem to have it together on race day? Their secret is knowing – instead of guessing – when it comes to their car’s state of tune. Think about it. Do you know what air/fuel ratio your car runs in second gear down the track? Third? How many Gs are you pulling off the line, and how soon after the launch is your foot to the floor? Check out Fast Track to a Perfect Tune


Tuning Article: Honda with AEM ECU

In this case study, an SCCA Solo II Champion Tunes his Honda S2000 & AEM ECU with an Innovate Wideband. Whether a fuel-metering device is physical (carburetion) or electronic fuel injection (EFI), manufacturers tend to apply a “lowest common denominator” approach to their generic “out-of-the-box” tune. This helps them get customers up and running quickly (but not exceptionally well) for the majority of applications. The systems are tuned to operate in a wide range of engine combinations, climates and fuel formulations. However, optimal performance doesn’t come from an out-of-the box, generic setup. Full article text here.


Register your Innovate Product

Please take a quick second to register for product-specific updates, warranty, etc. at our new REGISTRATION PAGE.


LM Config update for XD-16

Speaking of product updates, if you are encountering any issues when configuring an XD-16 to display channels other than Air/Fuel, you should download and use LM-Programmer 3.10


Kurt Johnson wins at NHRA Las Vegas

Last newsletter we showed you Kurt Johnson's set up with 8 LC-1 cables for individual cylinder tuning. This newsletter we inform you that Kurt won the NHRA ProStock Nationals in Las Vegas. Coincidence? We'll let you decide.


Coming soon:

Next up in the relentless march of Innovate product development is the TC-4, a 4-channel thermocouple amplifier with two temperature ranges for exhaust gas temperature (EGT) or cylinder head temperature (CHT). The TC-4 will retail for $129, and is expected to start shipping next month.


Tuning Tips: Carb Tuning Secrets Revealed

This thread from the Innovate forum contains some fascinating Carb-tuning secrets and tips. Check it out.


Until next time... Keep On Tuning!
-Innovate Motorsports

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