Innovate Motorsports' Newsletter #16


Two New Air/Fuel Needle Gauges
Closed-Loop with Dobeck Performance
LogWorks 3.0 Beta Release
L-Mod-2 Modular Controller
Product Preview: RAD-1

Weather Pack Connectors
Ken Scheepers Winner in NHRA Moroso
Bisi Winner in IDRA BOTI Orlando
ACP Claims Rally Championship Victory
Application Note : New Fuel Control Strategies

This is Innovate Motorsports' "Technology for Tuners" Newsletter, Issue #16. These updates are intended to keep you informed of tuning tips, firmware updates, application notes, new product releases, company news, and other useful information.

G2 and G3 Gauges

Sometimes a needle gauge is just the ticket, especially if you're monitoring out of the corner of your eye while racing. With that in mind, we've released 2 new needle gauges.

Both gauges are 2-1/16" (52mm) air/fuel gauges that use the LC-1 wideband controller, and both feature through-dial backlighting and illuminated pointers.

The "G2" gauge is a silver dial and silver bezel, with black markers, numbers, and text.

The "G3" gauge is a black dial with silver bezel, and is "blacked out" when not illumiated.

Both gauges execute a self test when powered on, going from 0% scale (8AFR) to 100% scale (18AFR), then to correct value.

Both gauges retail for $99 (if you already have an LC-1), or for $289 (kit includes LC-1). Even with the gauge connected, you still have one analog output available for ECU/datalogger connection. Of course, you can also log directly to a laptop via the digital serial connection (w/ included LogWorks software).

The G2 and G3 gauges will commence shipping in June.

Closed-Loop with Dobeck Performance

Mark Dobeck changed the world when he founded Dynojet in the early 80's. Now he's driving change again, using Innovate widebands in closed-loop mode with DP's Gen3 fuel controllers.

With the Dobeck and Innovate Technology working together, a tuner can select an air/fuel ratio number for each of the Gen3's fuel circuits. The LC-1 monitors the air/fuel ratio number, communicates the number to the Gen3 and the Gen3 will trim the fuel being added to maintain the selected air/fuel ratio in real time automatically.

For example, in cruise mode, the tuner selects 13.8:1 air/fuel ratio and the Gen3/LC-1 will maintain this ratio. In acceleration mode, the tuner selects 13.2:1 air/fuel ratio and the Gen3/LC-1 will maintain this ratio. In full throttle mode, the tuner selects 12.8:1 air/fuel ratio and the Gen3/LC-1 will maintain this ratio. Air/fuel ratios can also be selected and maintained in the pressure mode (super/turbo chargers) and in the NOS mode (nitrous equipped vehicles).

DP is currently doing beta testing with OEM customers. Once testing is finished, our customers will be able to offer these products together as a package to their customers. If you are interested in testing this system or would like more details, please Dobeck Performance Sales Department at [email protected], 406.388.2377 (phone), 406.388.2455 (fax).

LogWorks 3.0 Beta Release

We are please to report that LogWorks 3.0 is in final beta testing right now. Thanks to those of you who have been testing for us. Here's a quick summary of the new features (full report next newsletter):

  • New gauges: Horizontal bar, 2D Vector Graph (i.e., accel/sideforce vectors), Multi-bar, and Indicator Lights, with Min/max holds for all gauges.
  • User changeable skins: Gauges can have programmable bezels and backgrounds to simulate the look of the vehicle's dash.
  • Real time math channels: This allows users to create real time math channels that can also be displayed on the gauges. As the math engine allows Boolean operations like AND/OR/NOT as used in the search function, you can use it to program warning indicator lights with any combination of conditions. The real time math channels can also be used as a HP gauge in a dyno environment where HP is calculated in real time from a torque sensor and RPM.
  • Auto channel grouping: Scales in the main trace window of channels with same units and zoom ratio are grouped together as one scale. This also applies to the XY-Plot window. From the scale itself you can zoom and smooth all grouped channels at once.
  • Channel markers: Users can place horizontal min/max bracket lines into the time trace window. This enables quick visualization of whether a measurement is within the selected range. Each channel has its own set.
  • New XY-Plot functions: Zoom and Pan tools are now available for X-Y plot. XY-Plots can also be set to polar coordinates if X and Y have the same units (useful for analysis of acceleration/sideforce data). This establishes a traction ellipsoid to see how the driver does compared to the traction limit and/or how setup changes on the car influence traction limits. XY-Plots can be shown graphically or as searchable text table.
  • User programmable and savable Templates: A user can save his current channel states (zoom, pan, smoothing, hide status, marker settings, position in scale window, and assigned gauges and their position) as "template". Up to 16 different templates can be stored and at any time recalled per log window.

L-Mod-2 Modular Controller

We are finishing the 2nd generation "Lambda Module." This product is a modular subsystem that embodies our latest wideband oxygen sensor control methodology. If you are a developer of fuel computers, ECUs, electonic carbs, flex-fuel kits, or any other application that would benefit from superior integrated lambda feedback, check out the preliminary spec here. There's also more information on our unique measurement principal here.

Product Preview: RAD-1

In a slightly new direction for us, we've made what we think is a useful gadget for the offroad and rock-crawling community. The RAD-1 (Rollover Avoidance Device) is a precise Digital Inclinometer that features user-programmable tip points and a loud progressive warning tone (like a backup warning). The display shown X (Pitch) and Y (Roll) angles, and it's got a few other cool features, but it's mostly the audio warning that really makes it useful. Now you can keep your eyes on the rocks, trail, or road, while keeping an ear out for the RAD-1. (You can also compare "RAD numbers" with your buddies). More on this next month, but if you're interested in pre-ordering, let us know.

Weather Pack Connectors

Although all Innovate Motorports products include connectors, some applications require more rugged and/or weather-resistant interconnect. So RTD is offering kits that allow you to custom wire a complete Innovate setup with Weather Pack connectors. Simply remove the existing connectors (2.5mm TRS for example on the MTS serial connectors), and replace with these upgrade connectors. More info here.

Ken Scheepers Off to a Dominating Start

Ken Scheepers has always been a believer in data acquisition, and he constantly fine-tuning his air/fuel ratio. This season everything seems to be coming together for him.

Ken won the NHRA Sport Compact Drag Racing Season Opener March 31 - April 1 at the Moroso Motorsports Park in South Florida. Then he won the NHRA Virginia Sport Compact Nationals April 21-22 at the Virginia Motorsports Park in Richmond, Virginia.

Bisi Wins is IDRA Battle of the Imports Orlando

Despite rain and horrible track conditions, big bad 'Bisi Ezerioha secured the win at the season opener for the International Drag Race Association's "Battle of the Imports" championship series in Orlando, Florida. This also gave Bisi the Championship point lead for this race series.

This video clip (from YouTube) shows one of his passes at the IDRA Orlando event. It was very difficult for high horsepower vehicles to stay straight: the track conditions were very poor, as you see, the other driver lost it. The driver of the other vehicle is fine.

ACP Claims Rally Championship Victory

After almost two hundred kilometers of special stages, a mere 14 seconds separated Andrew Comrie-Picard and Matt Iorio, with ACP taking his first national victory on Canadian soil. Movie Star Andrew Comrie Picard has been tuning with Innovate tools for years. (Video here from ACP's "War of the Wheels" TV Show).

"It was a classic rally story," said Andrew. "We kept our own pace and let the rally come to us. The car has to be at a banquet next weekend and we drove every corner with that in mind." They lost their light pod during the final stages and were running blind for a period of time. Despite the visibility problems, Andrew and co-driver Marc Goldfarb managed to hang on for the win. More info here.

Application Note : New Fuel Control Strategies

Application Note 19: New Fuel Control Strategies Enabled by Innovate's "Direct Digital" Wideband Controls

Oxygen sensors are critical components in every internal combustion vehicle on the road. Innovate's unique approach can be used to control oxygen sensors in a manner that differs greatly from traditional, mostly analog, technologies.

This, in turn, enables new strategies in fuel controls. While the initial commercial acceptance of the Innovate technology has been in the performance aftermarket, big gains may be realized in the OEM market, where ECUs can be designed and programmed to utilize Direct Digital wideband technology. Complete Application Note here.

Until next time... Keep On Tuning!
-Innovate Motorsports

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