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Wideband Shootout
New Needle Gauges Shipping!
RAD-1 Shipping

Point-of-Sale Video Display & Banner Kit
Diablosport Predator Plug-in
Cash Partner Program for Site Owners

This is Innovate Motorsports' "Technology for Tuners" Newsletter, Issue #17. These updates are intended to keep you informed of tuning tips, firmware updates, application notes, new product releases, company news, and other useful information.

The Great Wideband Shootout has an informative technical article comparing the top widebands.

In it they ask the question: "Which meter is the best performing one? Which meters have the features I need? With these question and few subjective answers to be found, we set out to determine which meters were the best..." Complete Article.

G2 and G3 Gauges Available

The new gauges are shipping. Both gauges are 2-1/16" (52mm) air/fuel gauges that use the LC-1 wideband controller, and both feature through-dial backlighting and illuminated pointers.

The "G2" gauge is a silver dial and silver bezel, with black markers, numbers, and text.

The "G3" gauge is a black dial with silver bezel, and is "blacked out" when not illumiated.

Both gauges execute a self test when powered on, going from 0% scale (8AFR) to 100% scale (18AFR), then to correct value.

Both gauges retail for $99 (if you already have an LM-1 or LC-1), or for $289 (kit includes LC-1). Even with the gauge connected, you still have one analog output available for ECU/datalogger connection. Of course, you can also log directly to a laptop via the digital serial connection (w/ included LogWorks software).

Our initial production run is limited, but we do have stock right now.

Click here for more G2 information.

Click here for more G3 information.

RAD-1 Shipping July 9

Final testing is done. The RAD-1 (Rollover Avoidance Device) is a precise Digital Inclinometer that features user-programmable tip points and a progressive warning tone (like a backup warning). The display shows X (Pitch) and Y (Roll) angles and stores max values, but it's the audio warning that really makes it useful. If you ever go off-road, you'll be surprised and amazed by how useful this meter is. (SKU #3805)

Point-of-Sale Video Display and Banner Kit

This deal is mostly for performance shops & jobbers that want some great videos running in their shop, explaining (and selling more) Innovate products. You get three of our most popular kits (two 3724 and one 3781) at regular cost, and a FREE flat-screen TV with 30 minutes of HD video, 2 hats, a door sign, and a 48" vinyl banner. Call for 949-502-8400 details. (SKU # 7722)

Preview: Diablosport Predator Plug in

With our new LogWorks Plug In you can view and compare logs from any Diablosport Predator. You can also record live (real time) logs with both Diablosport and Innovate systems attached (i.e. LC-1 and Predator). This means you can log a bunch of OBD-II/CAN channels, and use them to correlate precise air/fuel ratio data. Then you can adjust fuel and timing on the Predator (or select a pre-set "tune"), record another log, and compare. Coming soon!

Cash Partner Program for Site Owners

If you run a site of some sort- whether it's car pictures, a blog, a useful links directory, your own online magazine, a specialty store, a forum, or something else, you should check out our new affiliate program. Basically this pays you 10% if someone you point at Innovate ends up buying something. Just visit and click on "Affiliates Sign Up."

Klaus is out of the country, so no tuning tip this week. (However, the new beta of LogWorks 3 did get done before he left.)

Until next time... Keep On Tuning!
-Innovate Motorsports

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