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"Technology for Tuners" Newsletter #2

This is Innovate Motorsports' "Technology for Tuners" Newsletter, Issue #2. These updates are intended to keep you informed of LM-1 tuning tips, firmware updates, application notes, new product releases, company news, and other useful information. In this issue:

1) RPM-Converter Input Cable is shipping
2) LM-1 wins best new product at SEMA
3) LMConfig Software Version 1.3 is available
4) Visit us at PRI 2003- Booth #5507
5) Tuning Tip: Rain and the Sensor Cable

RPM-Converter Input Cable is shipping

Aux. cable #2- the RPM Converter Cable- is shipping! This cable can take a signal from an inductive clamp OR the tach output from your ECU/ignition system, and convert it to an analog signal that is “log-able” by the LM-1. The cable can be calibrated to the characteristics of your engine (# of pulses per crank rotation) through a simple setup routine. And you still have 4 screw terminals left for connecting other inputs. Place your orders now, as supplies are limited.

LM-1 wins best new product at SEMA

The Innovate LM-1 won Primedia's “Best New Product- Performance and Racing” Award at SEMA this month in Las Vegas. Pictured below are the trophy (they are sending us the engraved fin), Patrick Thompson, Jeff Smith (editor of Car Craft Magazine), and Klaus Allmendinger, Innovate’s VP of Engineering and creative force behind the LM-1. Congrats to the whole team!

LMConfig Software Version 1.3 is available 

This non-mandatory update to your PC software includes: 1. Advanced options for analog output programming, and 2. Support for PC-based RPM converter setup (uses PC's sound card). We are shipping a new CD with every RPM converter cable. Or, go to our support/downloads page to get the latest version.

Visit us at PRI 2003- Booth #5507

Indianapolis, baby! Performance Racing International Tradeshow 2003 is coming up, December 4-6 at the Indiana Convention Center and RCA Dome. Come by and visit us at booth #5507.

Tuning Tip: Rain and the Sensor Cable

Now that winter is coming on, we've seen a few issues with sensor cables and rain. Basically water can create a partial short at the sensor end of the 10' sensor cable. We are examining ways to seal the connector, but, in the meantime, if you're going to be tuning in the rain, we recommend sealing the cable-side of the connector with silicon or some other non-conductive, water-proof material.

Until next time... Keep On Tuning!

-Innovate Motorsports

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