Logworks 3.3.7, LM Programmer 4.8

Operating Systems:
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

File Size:
31 MB

Date Released:

Documentation and Firmware

LM-2 - Manual | Firmware
LC-2 - Manual | Firmware
MTX-L PLUS Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge - Manual
MTX-L Air/Fuel Ratio
Gauge - Manual | Firmware
MTX-D Boost/Shift Gauge - Manual | Firmware
MTX-D EGT Gauge - Manual
MTX-D Oil Temp/Press Gauge - Manual
MTX-D Water Temp/Volt Gauge - Manual
MTX-D Ethanol Content % & Fuel Temp Gauge - Manual | Firmware
MTX-D Fuel Pressure Gauge - Manual
ECF-1: Ethanol Content, Fuel Pressure, & AFR Gauge - Manual | Firmware
ECB-1: Ethanol Content, Boost, & AFR Gauge - Manual | Firmware
SCG-1 Solenoid Boost Controller Gauge - Manual | Firmware
DLG-1 Dual Lambda O2 Gauge - Manual | Firmware
PSB-1 PowerSafe Boost/O2 Gauge - Manual | Firmware
PSN-1 PowerSafe Nitrous Bottle Pressure/O2 Gauge - Manual | Firmware
MTX-AL Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge - Manual | Firmware
MTX-A Vacuum/Boost Gauge - Manual
MTX-A Fluid Temperature Gauge - Manual
MTX-A Exhaust Gas Temperature Gauge - Manual
MTX-A Fuel Pressure - Manual
PL-1 - Manual
DB Gauge - Manual
TC-4 PLUS - Manual
SSI-4 PLUS - Manual
LogWorks 3 Software - Manual

Legacy Products

LC-1 - Manual | Quick Start Guide
XD-16 - Manual | Quick Start Guide
LM-1 - Manual | Quick Start Guide
LMA-2 (RPM Converter) - Manual
DL-32 - Manual | Quick Start Guide
OT-1 - Manual
Auto-Timer - Manual
Autronic Output - Manual
Analog Display - Manual
RAD-1 - Manual
ST-12 - Manual | Quick Start Guide
G2/G4/G5 Air/Fuel Gauge - Manual (1 Conn) | Manual (4 Conn)
G3 Air/Fuel Gauge - Manual (1 Conn) | Manual (4 Conn)
G2/G3 Vacuum/Boost Gauge - Manual
G2/G3 Water Temp Gauge - Manual
G2/G3 Oil Pressure Gauge - Manual
LMA-3 (AuxBox) - Manual
SSI-4 - Manual
TC-4 - Manual
OT-2 - Manual | Quick Start Guide | Firmware

Integration Tools

Software Developer's Kit
The Innovate MTS (Modular Tuning System) SDK makes it easy for Window's programmers to input data from Innovate products directly into your application. The SDK "hides" the complexity of the MTS serial protocol, allows you to write device-independent programs, be future-device compatible, and work seamlessly with LogWorks 3. Download here.

If you make or support any ECU-tuning software, piggy-back, chip-tuner, or data logger, and you want real-time wideband input (multiple AFR, EGT, MAP, etc.), consider utilizing this powerful and simple SDK. Simply: 1. Install LogWorks 3.01 (or newer) if not already installed ; 2. Unzip SDKSetup.exe ; and 3. Run "SDKSetup.exe ". A new program group folder called “MTS SDK” is added to the LogWorks3 program group.  It has a link for the documentation, a link for browsing the folder, and a link for running the sample app.

OT-2 SDK manual and Source Files(1.31, released 10/2010)

Innovate Motorsports Serial Protocol 2


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