Logworks 3.3.8, LM Programmer 4.09

Operating Systems:
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

LogWorks 3 Manual:

File Size:
32.5 MB

Date Released:

Documentation and Firmware

Model Manual Firmware
DB Series Gauges NA
DLG-1: Dual Lambda O2 Gauge
ECB-1: Ethanol Content, Boost, & Air/Fuel Gauge
ECF-1: Ethanol Content, Fuel Pressure, & Air/Fuel Gauge
LC-2: Wideband Lambda Controller
LM-2: Digital Air/Fuel Ratio Meter
MTX-A: Analog Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) Gauge  
MTX-A: Analog Fluid (Oil/Water) Temperature Gauge  
MTX-A: Analog Fuel Pressure Gauge  
MTX-A: Analog Oil Pressure Gauge  
MTX-A: Analog Vacuum/Boost Gauge (20PSI, 30PSI)  
MTX-AL: Analog Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge
MTX-D: Ethanol Content % & Fuel Temp Gauge
MTX-D: Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) Gauge  
MTX-D: Fuel Pressure Gauge  
MTX-D: Oil Temp & Press Gauge  
MTX-D: Vacuum/Boost & Shift Gauge
MTX-D: Water Temp & Battery Volt Gauge  
MTX-L PLUS: Digital Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge
MTX-OL PLUS: Wideband Air/Fuel OLED Gauge
PL-1: Pocket Logger  
PSB-1: PowerSafe Boost & Air/Fuel Gauge
PSN-1: PowerSafe Nitrous Bottle Press. & Air/Fuel Gauge
SCG-1: Solenoid Boost Controller Gauge
SSI-4 PLUS: Sensor Interface  
TC-4 PLUS: Thermocouple Amplifier  

LSU 4.9 Upgrade Kit (Cable + O2 Sensor) - Manual
TPS for Standard Holley Style 4-Barrel Carburetor Applications 0-5v - Manual
4 BAR MAP Sensor for SSI-4 PLUS - Manual
0-150 PSI (10 BAR) Air/Fluid Pressure Sensor for SSI-4 PLUS - Manual
0-1500 PSI (100 BAR) Nitrous Pressure Sensor for SSI-4 PLUS - Manual

Legacy Products

LC-1 - Manual | Quick Start Guide
XD-16 - Manual | Quick Start Guide
LM-1 - Manual | Quick Start Guide
LMA-2 (RPM Converter) - Manual
DL-32 - Manual | Quick Start Guide
MTX-L Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge - Manual | Firmware
OT-1 - Manual
Auto-Timer - Manual
Autronic Output - Manual
Analog Display - Manual
RAD-1 - Manual
ST-12 - Manual | Quick Start Guide
G2/G4/G5 Air/Fuel Gauge - Manual (1 Conn) | Manual (4 Conn)
G3 Air/Fuel Gauge - Manual (1 Conn) | Manual (4 Conn)
G2/G3 Vacuum/Boost Gauge - Manual
G2/G3 Water Temp Gauge - Manual
G2/G3 Oil Pressure Gauge - Manual
LMA-3 (AuxBox) - Manual
SSI-4 - Manual
TC-4 - Manual
OT-2 - Manual | Quick Start Guide | Firmware



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